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Virtual property tours have never been more important, and now creating them has never been easier.

Vieweet is a tool that allows you to create high-quality property tours quickly and with minimal difficulty or equipment. Vieweet allows you to create smooth and interactive virtual property tours that integrate seamlessly with your website, as well as with Smart Viewing, which allows agents to conduct virtual property viewings with one or multiple applicants at a time.

This guide will introduce you to the different features and functionalities of the Vieweet web platform to show you how to use each part of it and how to get started on creating your first virtual tours.

Getting Started

Getting started

Create an account

Creating a new account

To create an account, you simply need to navigate to the Sign up tab on, before entering your personal details and the password you wish to use to access your account.

After entering your details and accepting Vieweet’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you will receive an email from Vieweet prompting you to activate your account.

Logging into your account

Once your account has been activated, you’ll be able to access it by entering your details into the Login tab.

Log in to your account
Reset your password

Resetting your password

If you forget your password, you can always reset it using the Forgot password? link on the login page. You will be prompted to enter your login email, to which a recovery email will be sent.

Using this, you will be able to set a new password and access your account.

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Your tours


Your Tours

The main dashboard consists of three parts:

Your Live Tours
View all your active tours.

Archived Tours
Find and restore any tours that have been disabled or recently deleted.

Create a Tour
Click the button to start creating a new virtual tour.

Your property card

Below, the gallery or list (depending on the way in which you have chosen to view your tours) will show all of your live tours and some important information for each of them. At a glance, you will be able to see:

  • Property address
  • When the tour was last updated
  • Number of images and overall size (MB) of the tour
  • Vieweet tour URL (opens in a new window)
  • Number of times each tour has been viewed
  • if the tour is password protected, you will also be able to see this here
Detail about the property card

Overview of the dashboard (video)

(1 minute and 5 seconds)

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Your dashboard navigation

Your tours


Navigate to the main dashboard, where you will be able to find, edit, archive or delete any existing tours you have created using this account.



Track the overall usage and performance data of your account and each of the tours you have created using this account.



Edit certain parts of your account, including the configuration of your virtual tours, your branding, as well as what data is recorded and displayed.



Amend, add or remove your personal or company details and you will also be able to change your password.



Your Tours

Your Analytics

The first tab, titled Your Analytics, will show the top-performing virtual tours in any given time, along with further information on views and where those views came from (i.e. country, device)

Your leads

The second tab, titled Your Leads, will show information on the leads generated through this account’s virtual tours.

Both analytics pages can also be downloaded as CSV files for your records or for further analysis.

    Your leads
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    Virtual tour configuration

    Virtual tour configuration

    The left-most tab allows you to alter certain aspects of the virtual tour. You can set if you want to display the location on your tour(s), whether or not a tour automatically rotates or whether the tour begins to move through the property automatically, and you can also enable the lead generation form and integrate Google Analytics.

    You can also set the language of the platform to English, French, Italian or Spanish.

    Your branding

    Within each panorama the tripod cap can be hidden or covered up using a custom logo.

    Custom logos can be enabled and uploaded in the ‘Your Branding’ tab to cover up these parts of each panorama in your Vieweet virtual tour.

    Your branding
    Your data

    Your data

    This tab allows you to download all of the data that Vieweet has stored for your account, and you can also delete your account if it is no longer required.

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      Your Tours

      Your details

      This tab allows you to alter the following information - you simply need to enter the information you would like to add to each field, before clicking on Save changes.


      This tab is where you will be able to change the password for your account. To do this, you must ensure that your password meets the requirements, before entering this password twice and confirming this change by clicking Save changes.

        Your leads
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        Setting up your tour profile

        Tour setup

        Enter tour details

        When you begin creating a new virtual tour, the first screen that you will see will prompt you to enter the details of the property for which you are creating the tour. Here, you will be asked to enter:

        - The property address
        - The type of property (i.e. apartment, house, commercial property etc.)
        - Whether the property is furnished or unfurnished
        - An optional reference code
        - An option to display the virtual tour address to the viewers

        Using the map

        By clicking on the location pin symbol in the Street field, you will also be able to accurately pinpoint and confirm the property’s position on a map.

        Upload 360° photos

        Uploading 360° images

        Drag and drop your 360° images in the box or select them from a folder and click Upload 360° images. While you are waiting for the upload to be completed you can rename the room names by tapping on the title. When the upload is completed, press Link images.

        If an image doesn’t show a green tick and is highlighted in red, something went wrong with uploading this panorama. You can retry this upload by clicking the white arrow in the middle.

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        Creating a new tour

        The editor

        Virtual tour configuration

        The editor

        The editor is where you will be able to view each image in your tour, making changes and alterations to these as required. This screen will give you an interactive view of exactly how your images link together to form your tour.

        Breaking down the header

        View your 360° tour
        View your 360° tour
        Open your tour in a new tab, so that the you can see the tour as the viewers would see.
        Tour settings
        Tour settings
        Adjust the settings of your tour to change your tour details, branding/logos, lead generation and view configuration settings
        Share tour
        Share your tour
        You will be able to share your virtual tour through three different ways:

        1- Copy/pasting the link or through Facebook and Twitter
        2- Send directly to email
        3- Copy the embed code to integrate the tour directly on your website
        Exit tour
        Exit editor.
        Exit the tour editor and return back to the dashboard

        Room label and floor

        You can also label every image, as well as the floor or level of the property on which it can be found. An existing list with 30+ of the most commonly used labels will be prompted when you click on the box.

        Can’t you find the room name in the list?
        No problem, you can continue typing and add your custom label.

        Your leads
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        The editor tools



        Add links to other images.

        Still image / media

        Still image / media

        Add a still photo or other media to a 360° image to give an extra view of something not visible (e.g. gas meters).



        Blur certain parts of an image, such as personal photographs or number plates, to be GDPR compliant.

        Image enhancement


        Edit each image using one preset
        or manually changing the contrast, brightness and saturation.



        Add a note to your image, this could be useful information, a warning or URL.



        Annotate certain part of the panoramas, either clarify something that may not be clear, to give the agent some additional information to share.

        Your links

        Your links

        Double-check if all your images are connected via the link map.

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        Linking your image

        Image enhancement

        Image enhancement with presets

        You can use presets or you can edit your image manually.

        If you choose to use the presets section you will see three tabs, one for each of the different types of preset:

        - Contrast
        - Brightness
        - Saturation

        Within each tab, you will find 6 individual presets, which you will be able to preview in the Image Editing box’s thumbnail by selecting them. You will be able to layer a preset from each tab on top of each other, although you do not need to use one from each.

        You just need to layer the presets until you are happy with the edited image, before clicking Apply to finalise this edit.

        If you chose to manually edit your images, you will be able to change the same three settings that you can edit using the presets menu. Instead of the previews of the 6 presets, however, you will see a slider for each setting. Each time one of these sliders is dragged to a new position, the image in the thumbnail will update. When you are happy with the settings you have selected, simply click on Apply to save these edits.

        Manual image enhancement

        How to enhance an image (video)

        (48 seconds)

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        Blur elements

        Blurring elements within an image

        Blurring elements

        Blur parts of images by clicking “+ Add blur”, before selecting three or more points on the outline of the area that you would like to blur.

        You’d be able to add as many blurs as you wish and once you are happy with the area(s) that will be blurred, click “Apply layer” to finalise this change.

        How to blur of the image (video)

        (35 seconds)

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        Add a note

        Add a note

        You can create notes and add them to your images. Select the notes icon from the sidebar. Double click where you want to add the note.

        Choose from three different types of note and customise their size to your needs:

        - Information
        - URL
        - Warning

        Add a title and press “Add note”

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        Insert still image or media

        Insert a still (2D) image or media into your tour

        Add still (2D) image or media

        You can upload 2D photos and media to your images. Select the image icon from the sidebar, double click where you want to add the 2D photo / media. Drag and drop your 2D photo / media or select from a folder.

        Enter the title and press “Save changes”. The 2D photo / media will be uploaded - please note that depending on the size of the 2D image / media this might take up to a few minutes.

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        Insert still image or media

        Set the starting image and the best view

        Starting panorama and best view

        To set the starting image, click and drag the image you would like to use to the left-most position on the bottom bar. Once this has been set as the starting image, you will see a flag icon on the thumbnail.

        Alternatively, you can click on the 3-dots menu in the thumbnails bar and select Starting image.

        To set the best view, which is the starting point where the image starts when is opened, click 3-dots menu in the thumbnails bar and select Select best view. You can the view from side to side until you reach the view that you would like to start the tour on, usually pointing at the front door. Double-click where you want your starting point to be and confirm the position from the button above.

        How to select the starting image (video)

        (17 seconds)

        How to select the starting point (video)

        (21 seconds)

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        Your tours

        How your tours are viewed


        This is how your virtual tours will be viewed once shared with your customers.

        The top bar will show the address of the property (if you have selected the option to display the address from the settings) and the room name.
        The bottom left bar will give the option to open/close the thumbnails bar and go to Street View and Google Map (if you have selected the option to display the address from the settings).

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        Your links

        Frequently asked questions and support

        How do I add a custom logo in a virtual tour?

        From the editor, click the ‘Settings' icon, the second icon in the right-hand corner of the top bar. From here, select the ‘Branding’ tab before uploading your desired logo by either dragging and dropping the file into this field, or by selecting it from a folder. Once you have selected the logo you want to use for this tour, click 'Save changes’ to finalise these edits.

        How do I set a logo as a default for all my tours?

        You can set a default logo for all of your tours from the settings menu. Here, you will find a tab titled ‘Your Branding’, which will enable you to upload, change and remove logos. You will be able to set one as the default, and either enable or disable the logos for all of your tours at once.

        If I delete a tour from the web platform, will this also delete the tour from the app (and vice versa)?

        Deleting the tour from either the app or the web platform will delete the tour from the other, although you will be able to restore these from the web platform for a further 28 days. If you only wish to delete the tours from your phone to save space but you would like the tours to remain active, you can clear your tour cache from the app by clicking Side-menu > Settings > Clear all downloaded tours of my device.

        How can I add password protection to a tour?

        From the ‘Your Live Tours’ tab on the dashboard, you can select the three dots in the top right-hand corner to display a drop down menu. Here you will have the option to either add or remove password protection for that tour, depending on what state the tour is currently in. Password protected tours will then display a small padlock in the bottom right-hand corner of the tour’s box in the ‘Your Live Tours’ tab on the main dashboard.

        How do I archive/unarchive a tour?

        From the ‘Your Live Tours’ tab on the dashboard, you can select the three dots in the top right-hand corner to display a drop down menu. Here you will see the option to archive a tour, which will mean that the tour will no longer be in the ‘Your Live Tours’ tab and it will not be accessible using the Vieweet URL.

        You can then unarchive that tour from the ‘Archived Tours’ tab by clicking the ‘Unarchive tour’ button on the relevant virtual tour.

        How do I restore a deleted tour?

        In the ‘Archived Tour’ tab on the main dashboard, you will see a list of all tours that have been deleted in the previous 28 days. From here, you will be able to restore any recently deleted tour.

        What is a Pro account and when will I be charged?

        Currently, you have access to the beta version of all the Vieweet° features. In the next few months, once all of them will be finalised, we will offer a subscription to access the Pro features.

        Help desk

        If you notice anything on the Vieweet platform that isn’t working as it should or you are unsure how to do something, please log a ticket using our Vieweet support portal.

        This will ensure that we receive all of the information that we need so that we can deal with your request or answer your question as quickly and efficiently as possible.

        Vieweet support portal
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